Central Heating

Whether you have a stuck radiator valve or require a radiator to be fitted we can help.


From full system design and installation, to modifications to an existing system.



 Installing energy saving modifications by fitting Themostatic Radiator Valves or a programable thermostat can all help reduce running cost of your central heating.


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Power flushing



Could your central heating require power flushing?



  • Noisy boiler and pipes

  • Overheating boiler

  • Pump failures

  • Radiators patch and cold at the bottom

  • Radiators require frequent bleeding

  • Black water in the system


Pipes can become blocked with sludge in the system, reducing flow causing an inefficient central heating system. Costing you a lot more on your bills due to boilers working harder and radiators taking longer to get up to temperature.

A clean system is less likely to break down and will last much longer.

We can also install a magnetic filter post flush to keep the system in the best possible condition and this is something all boiler manufacturers insist on new installations.

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